In the 1980’s, with the tutorship of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and other NGOs, Mr. Javier Francés, a local farmer, started doing some pilot trials for the extraction of essential oils. Mr. Juan Nobs was a Swiss businessman who brought to the country the first Hidrodifusión distillers in 1986, and founded at this point the company Nobs Hidrodifusión. He did this with the help of the original creators of the technology, with whom he did extraction trials.

Mr. Francés and Mr. Nobs met in 1988 and became partners. From our origins, we have experience working with international NGOs in order to develop smallholder-based industry in rural areas of El Salvador. Employment of local organizations has also been essential in order to implement and put into action these initiatives.

In 2011, over two decades later, Mr. Francés’ daughter Andrea Francés begins innovating the processes and systems of the business by applying her professional knowledge as a Chemical Engineer and specialized perfumer.