Coffee Oil

Yummmm… Great smell and taste! Also good as an active ingredient (Who wants to avoid cellulitis?)


Rich and delicate gourmand note typical of the Arabica coffee present in these regions of Central America. It is used to scent perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, aromatic, and medical products. Coffee is a world favorite in any flavor; it is mostly used in sweet compositions and should always be remembered when making something savory as well.

Coffee oil is considered a safe oil being non toxic and non irritant for use in cosmetics.

Hundreds of molecules can be found in the coffee oil, these are produced during the toasting process that produces a its characteristic caramel like notes. The oil contains an aromatic, a fatty acid fraction and other components such as caffeine that stimulates microcirculation of the skin and tocopherols that are natural antioxidants.

The coffee oil stimulates synthesis of elastin and collagen and acts likewise as a moisturizer, this means that in slows down the aging of the skin. Fatty acids act likewise as emollients.

Other therapeutic uses include fighting depression and helps in diabetes type II.

Extraction process:

Arabica coffee is considered the most aromatic coffee variety available in the market. The grains are chosen from strict altitude in order to ensure soft and balsamic nuances, which will develop some chocolate and caramel tones once they are toasted.

The coffee bean is dried in order to obtain green coffee. This is what is then toasted and grinded in order to prepare the ingredient for its extraction to obtain the coffee oil.

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